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Nicole Gibson

Welcome to the Nicole Gibson Photography blog! Years ago, Nicole became captivated by the power of visual expression and storytelling, and today what she loves most is to create images about the world, about humanity, and about the human condition.

Nicole Gibson is an award-winning photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She was awarded First Place in the 2010 International Photography Awards, in addition to 8 Honorable Mentions. She is also the winner of the 2008 Vincent Versace Award for Photographic Excellence. Nicole’s work has been published in Photoshop User Magazine and B&W. Her work has also been sold to Bethany House Publishers, used by various non-profit organizations, and represented by India Picture stock agency. She is also a member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia

One of the most-visited tourist destinations in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat is a vast ancient temple complex in Cambodia that is also the largest religious monument in the world. Originally built as a Hindu temple between the 9th and 15th centuries, it has been turned into a Buddhist site over […]

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Cambodia’s Killing Fields

I remember a day, in grade school, when a new girl joined my class. The teacher told us she had come from Cambodia, as a refugee.

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Canang Sari: Balinese Offerings

Bali has reputation for being, basically, an exotic vacation destination. But it’s also an intensely spiritual place. I felt it as soon as I got off the plane, and I saw it everywhere I looked. I’ve just returned from a month-long trip to Indonesia, and after spending most of my time on the Muslim-majority island […]

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Duke Summer Reconciliation Institute

  It can come as no surprise that reconciliation is something our world is in dire need of. That’s why every summer Duke Divinity School puts on what they call the Summer Reconciliation Institute. It’s a week-long immersion in reconciliation training for people of all fields and backgrounds. This year I had the enormous privilege […]

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Hayden Flour Mills

  This is my friend Emma. We’ve been through some crazy adventures together, and I recently got to spend some time with her in her latest adventure: a family flour mill. She and her dad run the business, Hayden Flour Mills, using a fantastic Austrian mill to create unique, clean, local flours. I’m very much […]

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IRC Plants New Roots in Phoenix

Now this is a FANTASTIC idea. I have become a huge proponent of eating organic food and, even better, LOCAL organic food. I love exploring farmers markets in my area and buying as much as possible from local growers. I also, as you know, work with different refugee communities and have come to count them […]

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I was there for four days, but it was not enough. I had never seen Georgetown before, and I have to say I wish I had more time there. Exploring the city on red brick sidewalks, taking in elegant row houses, and people-watching at the coffee shops, waterfront restaurants, and hallowed university campus. I thoroughly […]

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Languages of Phoenix

  As surely most of you know, Arizona has a bad rap these days for immigration issues, intolerance, etc. etc. But if you don’t live here, you probably don’t realize how incredibly diverse it is or that the city of Phoenix actually takes in more refugees than most other cities in the country. This place […]

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Terry & Tori: Wedding

Thanks to everybody for all your compliments on Terry and Tori’s engagement shoot! The wedding was this past weekend, and it was just as much fun photographing them the second time around. The stunning location at Tori’s family home on the edge of the desert, hearing the story of how the couple met when Tori’s […]

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Terry & Tori

  I’m not a wedding photographer, but every now and then I photograph a wedding for a friend, and this week I had a ton of fun doing an engagement session at a nearby abandoned dairy farm. It’s one of the original dairies in the area, now sitting along the side of the road in […]

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