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Nicole Gibson

Welcome to the Nicole Gibson Photography blog! Years ago, Nicole became captivated by the power of visual expression and storytelling, and today what she loves most is to create images about the world, about humanity, and about the human condition.

Nicole Gibson is an award-winning photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She was awarded First Place in the 2010 International Photography Awards, in addition to 8 Honorable Mentions. She is also the winner of the 2008 Vincent Versace Award for Photographic Excellence. Nicole’s work has been published in Photoshop User Magazine and B&W. Her work has also been sold to Bethany House Publishers, used by various non-profit organizations, and represented by India Picture stock agency. She is also a member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

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There’s a central theme in my mind that drives much of my more artsy work: the unseen. I started an abstract project a few months ago based on this concept, and this is part two of that project. This is probably going to be something that I continue to develop, but I thought I’d bring […]

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Thoughts From the Wilderness

Across the desert regions of the American Southwest there stretches a wilderness still unclenched by the fingers of urban modernity.  A place where you can look for miles and never see another human being. In the midst of that wilderness is where I spent the last several days, celebrating the Christmas holiday with family who […]

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Visual Peacemaking

Have you ever thought about the influence that media has on us? On the way we see the world and other people? Well, no matter what your answer to that question is, I’d like to share with you a short article I wrote a few weeks ago. I’m part of a group of visual artists […]

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For Your Inspiration:

“Take your own pictures; be true to yourself. Learn from great photographers, but don’t copy them. Make your own pictures.”   – Mary Ellen Mark

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On Seeing Uniquely

There’s something exhilarating and enlightening about photographing foreign cultures and faraway lands. About glimpsing a way of life that we have never known. About capturing a world we’ve never seen before. There’s something powerful about witnessing the beauty of another place and sharing profound moments with people who don’t even speak our language. That’s what […]

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Seen and Unseen

I’ve been experimenting with photography in a whole new way lately. Pushing myself beyond the easy and the expected, and using the camera to explore deeper themes and more conceptual ideas. These are several images from a recent shoot, and they deal with a concept that fills the pages of my journals and sketchbooks: the […]

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The Art of Photography

I love photography. It’s like no other art form, because of the way that it allows (and even forces) the artist to express himself. We as photographers do not create something out of nothing. We don’t take a blank canvas or piece of paper and fill it with whatever we want. We must take the […]

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