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Nicole Gibson

Welcome to the Nicole Gibson Photography blog! Years ago, Nicole became captivated by the power of visual expression and storytelling, and today what she loves most is to create images about the world, about humanity, and about the human condition.

Nicole Gibson is an award-winning photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She was awarded First Place in the 2010 International Photography Awards, in addition to 8 Honorable Mentions. She is also the winner of the 2008 Vincent Versace Award for Photographic Excellence. Nicole’s work has been published in Photoshop User Magazine and B&W. Her work has also been sold to Bethany House Publishers, used by various non-profit organizations, and represented by India Picture stock agency. She is also a member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

For Your Inspiration: Sketches of Frank Gehry

So, a lot of you probably already know who Frank Gehry is, even if you don’t know who Frank Gehry is. He’s the architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. And the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. And a whole host of other crazy amazing buildings. Well I just recently watched a documentary about him and his work called, as you may have guessed, Sketches of Frank Gehry, and it inspired me to work harder to push the limits of my work.

The big deal about Frank Gehry is that he totally let go of the rules and expectations of what most people thought architecture was supposed to be. He abandoned the straight lines and the formal designs and even the accepted material for making buildings, and he just did what he liked. He did something entirely HIM, and he ended up creating buildings that are known the world over.

Now, are there people out there who don’t actually like Gehry’s work? Of course, and you might even be one of them. I happen to really like it because it resonates with my own personal style. Do I know anything about architecture? Nothing whatsoever. Do I know what makes a “good” architect? Uh, let’s see… no. But none of that really matters, because I think that artists can find inspiration in all kinds of places.

And as I watched this film about Gehry’s work, my mind of course went to my own work, and I started asking myself what limitations and expectations I’m consciously or subconsciously conforming to. I’m still finding my own answers to that question, but I want to put it out there so maybe you can ask yourself the same thing. What are the things you’re doing in your own work, not because they’re really YOU, but because they’re what you feel you’re supposed to do? What unnecessary limitations are you conforming to in your work, and how might you let those go and allow yourself to work more freely? Feel free to leave some comments too. Maybe we can all learn from each other here…

By the way, you can watch the documentary on Netflix, or you can check out the film’s website here.



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