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Nicole Gibson

Welcome to the Nicole Gibson Photography blog! Years ago, Nicole became captivated by the power of visual expression and storytelling, and today what she loves most is to create images about the world, about humanity, and about the human condition.

Nicole Gibson is an award-winning photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She was awarded First Place in the 2010 International Photography Awards, in addition to 8 Honorable Mentions. She is also the winner of the 2008 Vincent Versace Award for Photographic Excellence. Nicole’s work has been published in Photoshop User Magazine and B&W. Her work has also been sold to Bethany House Publishers, used by various non-profit organizations, and represented by India Picture stock agency. She is also a member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers


In Iraq, thousands of Kurdish children suffer from life-threatening congenital heart disease. These children can receive a new lease on life through surgery, but because of war, corruption, and lack of resources, surgery is simply an unattainable dream for most of them, and thousands of families must face the reality that their children will soon die. There is not enough charitable funding to pay for surgeries for these kids, and the operations must be performed outside of Iraq, making things that much harder. But fortunately, that is no longer the end of the story.

Enter Preemptive Love Coalition.

Preemptive Love is a group working in northern Iraq to help children get otherwise-unattainable life-saving heart surgeries. Working in the region since 2007, Preemptive Love has helped over 50 children receive surgery, and one way they have done this is by partnering with local Kurdish craftsmen who make shoes called Klash. Klash are traditional, handmade Kurdish shoes, and by selling these shoes to customers around the world, Preemptive Love puts consumer dollars to work to fund surgeries for Kurdish children and give them new hope for the future.

No, they’re not paying me to endorse them here, and they haven’t even asked me to. I just personally love what this group is doing, and I’ve been working on some images of the Klash this week. I have a pair of my own that I wear, but after photographing them, I can’t help but say again that these are some seriously awesome shoes!

Making handmade Klash is a unique, 3,000 year old skill, practiced only by craftsmen in Kurdistan

No machines are used whatsoever in the making of these shoes, and they contain no rubber or plastic

They are hand-stitched from beginning to end, made with care and attention, knot by knot

Even the soles are made by hand from countless strips of fabric


Preemptive Love

Klash and other products

by nicoleg

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March 19, 2010 - 3:58 pm Jon McCormack - Really really lovely images. And a very cool set of folks at Preemptive Love as well!!

March 20, 2010 - 4:13 pm Erin - This worked so well in black and white. Love your lighting, it really makes the most of the details and texture. Beautiful :)

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